Verity Gavroche – Socha’s Reply To Mother Decrypted

Verity Gavroche – Socha’s Reply To Mother Decrypted

Hi everyone!

Verity again, following up on the message that was uncovered the other day to Socha Korbemile from his mother.

Well – the crypto-guys have done their work and have uncovered his response! Honestly, you couldn’t write this stuff!

To: Mother
Subject: Re: Please Return


It’s great to hear from you, even if it’s to ask the one thing you know I cannot give. I’m sorry to hear that Father is so unwell. I would return to visit him, and you, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not welcome unless I rescind all that I am, all that I have become.

I can’t repent – because there’s nothing to apologise for.

I left because the universe is bigger than the myopic, paranoid view prescribed by the Teachers; I left because it was this same fear that caused the conflicts of the past.

I pursue a path more true and more valuable now – one that will lead us to understanding. It’s only by expanding our knowledge that we re-evaluate what we know about ourselves. Only by doing this can we hope to ensure that any future contact with other life forms, and our continued existence with each other, does not end in the same unholy mess that we made before.

The Penitents teach not to ask questions because it is ‘unhealthy’, saying that instead we should focus on being ashamed of past mistakes. In reality, it’s prohibited because asking too many questions will lift the veil on the stupidity of what is taught. It’s a basic principle of brain-washing, but unfortunately not one that can be understood by those whose brains have been sterilised.

Enquiry is at the very heart of what it means to be human! So: you talk of saving humanity, whilst denying yourselves a facet that is *fundamental* to being human in the first place! Can you not see the irony?

Dr Arcanonn is a visionary – the most inspirational man I have ever met. He asks questions – he is not satisfied until the real truth is known. I have utter faith that he will get to the bottom of these Unknown Artefacts and the Barnacles. Not only that, but I’m certain of his integrity and his commitment to peaceful encounter, should such a thing happen.

But it’s not just him, it’s the people that are drawn to him: they encourage, they support; they embrace the new, the strange and the unknown – unlike you and the others I left behind who were once so dear to me.

It pains me more than anything to be a son to a mother and father I don’t recognise, to whom I can’t relate. I want nothing more than to take you both and bring you here, with me – to learn what I’m learning and to see what I see. But I know it’ll never happen.

Marietta must forget me. We never chose love; it was foisted upon us. That she would so readily accept being told to love me upsets me greatly, now I know that freedom of mind also means freedom of body.

I love you mother – I can never renounce you, despite our houses being built on different foundations. And I am sorry you believe me the cause of so much pain to you, and now to the rest of the group.

But, you see, I didn’t choose your suffering. I chose my own – to be apart from those I love to pursue what I believe – no, what I know. It is the people in whom you give your trust that impose your suffering on you, and it makes me ache to see you accept it so readily – because they do it for no more reason than because they enjoy the power it gives them. You are all better than that – you just don’t know it.

All my love,


What’s emerging here is a picture of a man who was truly devoted to the Canonn, despite his upbringing in this crazy sect the Penitents of Remor Veld – so why did he turn traitor?

I’m told there are yet more messages to be decrypted, so stay tuned and I’ll bring you more as I get it

Verity Gavroche