Verity Gavroche – The Canonn Spreads Its Wings

Verity Gavroche – The Canonn Spreads Its Wings

On the morning of 15th March 3302 the Canonn established itself as the newest political power in COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43.

This monumental achievement has come at the end of months of hard work: putting political and, sometimes, military pressure on the local factions of Varati to yield their controlling stakes in all the space stations, and resisting their anti-science agendas.

There have been rapturous celebrations throughout all the colonies, and the citizens of this boldest of frontier systems are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of Prof D Luffy, strategist and lead researcher, who is expected to make a formal tour in order to establish diplomatic relations with local leaders.

The Canonn is expected to begin establishing science facilities here immediately, in preparation for the deployment of Dr Arcanonn’s new Research Outpost that will soon begin construction at Thompson Dock, Varati. It is hoped that a peaceful settlement can be reached with the existing factions to ensure a smooth transition of power to the Canonn’s expert leadership.

If this cannot be achieved, however, I’m told tactical forces are ready to provide ‘encouragement’.

Verity Gavroche