Verity Gavroche – Thousands Flock To Varati To Support Canonn

Verity Gavroche – Thousands Flock To Varati To Support Canonn

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen – just a quick report on the state of play on the imminent mining operation about to commence in Varati.

Update – It’s started!

The local traffic authorities tell me they’re already seeing unprecedented numbers of ships, mostly mining vessels but also combat ships, and they only expect it to increase as the operation gets into full swing.

Meanwhile, station authorities at Thompson Dock tell me they’re already seeing a huge jump in the trade of mined materials in general, and bounties being cashed in as a result of the inevitable increased pirate activity.

One pilot I spoke to, who had enjoyed slightly too much of the good stuff, said:

I’ve been stockpiling palladium for the last two days, coming back here to sell anything else that I pick up in those pristine rings in COL 285 SECTOR IJ-E B13-1 and COL 285 SECTOR LD-R C5-11. I’ve already got a full hold ready for the official start – so I’m looking forward to getting rich!

I’ve also caught up with the construction teams, who are almost ready, and I’m told that they’re on track to start receiving mined palladium from 3pm Galactic Time today.

I briefly caught the construction site manager, who said:

The response we’ve got is astonishing to be honest. The citizens and scientists of the Canonn are so excited at the prospect of having a new station for Dr Arc, as am I. Personally I’m giving my time for free because I think the work he and his teams do is so important.

I mean, I might only be a project manager, but even I can see that the more we know about these artefacts and barnacles, the better.

And, let’s face it – that Professor Palin is a bit of a joke isn’t he? Every time he says he’s going to do anything he either gets kidnapped, falls over and bangs his head or stubs his toe or something. I’m surprised he manages to get up in the morning without killing himself!

So yeah, Dr Arc is the man – and we’re here to make sure we build the best damn research lab you’ve ever seen!

Just bring us the Palladium, and I’ll make sure we do the rest.

Usually forgotten on the outermost edge of the bubble, it seems Varati will, for the next week at least, be the place to be.

Miners: May your refineries be busy and your holds full!
Bounty Hunters: May your aim be straight and true!

Verity Gavroche, signing off. I might even grab some Palladium myself! 🙂

Verity Gavroche