Verity Gavroche – Ursula’s Mystery Contact Issues Threats

Verity Gavroche – Ursula’s Mystery Contact Issues Threats

Yes, I know everyone’s busy either mining palladium or protecting the miners – but I just had to share this message I picked up going to Ursula Le Clarke of Varati Ring, who’s flying around in a Type 6 freighter now that she’s homeless after their war with VIU.

Remember the mystery message received by Ursula?

Well the unknown group have just contacted her again, admitting their corruption of Socha Korbemile and, by extension, responsibility for the threats to Dr Arcanonn!

Even better – they are really not happy with our attempts to build a station, or the local factions, who have singularly failed to stop us.

This can only mean we must succeed!

==+ NoSecrets v2.1.0 Log. License expires 17th Feb 3303. +==
==+ [1041754098501646664] > Packet snoop established. P2P GUDP Packet identified. +==
==+ [1041754098501646681] > qTLS Tap OK, Auth: Mutual. Eve (v1.2.7701) is in the house +==
From: [_mailbox#dmVyeWNsZXZlcnlvdWhhdmV0b3dhaXRhbmRzZWU= |FireNForgetFreeMail|Sol]
To: [CSO Ursula Le Clarke (Varati Ring)|NFA|Type 6 Freighter "Arthur's End"]
Subject: Hopeless
[Reply Here]

FireNForgetFreeMail is an anonymous mail service protecting users across the galaxy since 3296.
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We always knew it was a risk involving a bunch of tin-pot imbeciles from the edge of the bubble, and now our worst fears have been realised.

So someone on Forsskal captured a passive memory scan of the device that our operative was using, and that is now in the hands of the Canonn!?  You've seen that they've started to decrypt messages handled by that device, yes?

And then with the latest message they decrypted, our deceit was finally uncovered.  The Penitents of Remor Veld have been exonerated, our 'manipulation' of Socha Korbemile laid bare, and the Canonn is one step closer to identifying us.

Congratulations.  We only hope, for all your sakes, that the Canonn fails to recover more messages from that device.  And then there's the question of who triggered the scan.

Whoever they are, they will burn, much like Socha's mother and father did earlier today.

But the BIGGEST problem is this: the Canonn are now building a research lab for COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43!

How did you not see this coming?  Didn't you notice the ships amassing in Varati?  What are you lot planning to do about this?

Let me guess: nothing.  You're living on a ship, after you ceded control of Lerner Beacon to the VIU in 24 hours, and at least two of the other factions will apparently be filling up on credits by actually supporting the Canonn in their palladium drive.

You do all realise that, if the Canonn are successful, they will get de facto control of the new lab and Dr Arcanonn will be free to bring and test as many UAs and harvested meta alloys as he wants!  The rest of you won't get a chance to challenge them!

For our part, we've issued numerous contracts to pirates to prevent this from happening - but you really need to step up on this: pick a side, or pick the best corner to hide in when we come looking for you - because we will, and we will end you.


==+ [1041754098501646765] > qTLS Tap Dropped. Eve (v1.2.7701) has left the building +==
==+ [1041754098501646765] > End of P2P GUDP Packet +==

Keep up the great work CMDRs, I’m told the construction teams are very pleased with the amount of palladium being collected – and strongly believe that they could get everything they need to build the best research lab possible. It won’t be easy, but you can do it!

Verity Gavroche