Verity Gavroche – Vying for Votes in IX-T D3-43

Verity Gavroche – Vying for Votes in IX-T D3-43

So after weeks of campaigning and diplomacy after their expansion, the Canonn is finally going head-to-head with the Labour of Varati in COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43 for control of the system.

Spirits are high and the excitement is palpable here at the Canonn’s campaign HQ and, although nobody dares use the phrase ‘foregone conclusion’, it’s clear that the campaign managers, negotiators, representatives and interns all feel that the Labour of Varati’s incumbent, Senator Simmons Hamilton, is no match for Dr Arcanonn and all that the Canonn stands for.

Instead, the Canonn is using this confidence to put the PR machine into full swing, with their finest science evangelists making countless appearances across all news outlets, broadcasting their positive message of ‘science knows best’. They’re also attacking Senator Hamilton for his lack of development of Phillifent Pont, and for the ‘dodgy deal’ that has allowed the corporate organisation Varati Blue Public Limited to run the system’s major port – Kagan Vision – for the last few weeks.

One official statement reads:

Senator Hamilton’s administration has had plenty of time to address the issues of chronic underfunding, poor import deals and development faced by the good people of Phillifent Pont and the other settlements in IX-T D3-43. Instead, all we’ve seen is penny-pinching, corporate back-handers, over-promising and under-delivering.

It’s time for change, and the Canonn are the ones to deliver it.

As we showed with our recent drive to build a new research station for the system, we are committed to investment in IX-T D3-43, for the good of the Canonn and for the good of all the people in the system. This election is not just about seats, it’s about people and, as our record in Varati proves, we are the only organisation capable of looking after the interests of everyone, from traders to farmers, freelancers to explorers, miners to military.

We use science to improve lives. Senator Hamilton uses power to improve his own life.

By way of contrast, when I contacted the office of Senator Hamilton on Phillifent Pont, I was met with this recorded message:

Hamilton: Hello?

Hamilton: Yes? Hello? What do you want? Well? Speak up!?

Aide (quieter): You’re supposed to be recording a message here sir…

Hamilton: What, man!? What are you talking about? What’s the point of recording a message if I don’t know what they want? I have to know what they want first before I can give an appropriate message, don’t I?

Aide: … but…

Hamilton: Am I wrong?

Aide: … but sir, how will they tell you… [sigh] Yes sir…

Hamilton: Right then – good – so where was I? Oh yes. Hello?

Aide: Sir…

Hamilton: What is it now Johnson?

Johnson: It’s just that… Well, you might want to start again as there’s a limit to the length of the message you can leave, sir.

Hamilton: [growls, sound of head hitting desk, cup of coffee being knocked over]

Hamilton: Ouch that’s hot! You see what you made me do now!? Phyllis is going to kill me, this shirt was clean on today…  I hope you’re happy with yourself Johnson.

Johnson: Yes sir.  I mean, no sir.

Hamilton: Yes… well.  So anyway – I have a maximum length on this thing then!?  How does that work?

Johnson: Yes sir, I thought you knew that.

Hamilton: [barely concealed sarcasm] Well we can’t all be experts in this Johnson – not like you, you know, with your fancy suit and… and… your special hair.

Johnson: There’s no need to be grumpy with me sir, I’m just trying to help.  Oh you have about 5 seconds left.

Hamilton: 5 seconds? Oh I can’t be bothered with all this goddamn shi….

Hmmm…  Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence does it?

Needless to say – the current opinion polls do show resounding support for the Canonn, but nobody’s taking anything for granted.

If you want to help win the election, I understand the best way is take Canonn missions at Kagan Vision (in IX-T D3-43), or to find Canonn delivery missions from Varati to Kagan Vision.  There’s also a possibility that you can hand in Canonn bounties (NOT Labour of Varati) at Kagan Vision, too.

All eyes are on this election, folks – so get out there and do your doorstepping and influence-raising!  If the Canonn wins, then it’ll take control of Phillifent Pont and should also become the controlling faction of the system as well!

Verity Gavroche