Vote For The Location of Canonn’s New Station

Vote For The Location of Canonn’s New Station

We’ve come up with a shortlist of the best locations to put Arcanonn’s new station, and now need you to vote and chose your favourite!

    1. Directly Orbiting the Star A, in close orbit and at an inclination of 90° if possible so we pass over the pole and get great views of the star spinning
      Stations orbiting stars are rare, will be unique if we get a polar orbit, very close to jump entry
    2. Orbiting Planet A1, ideally in low orbit for close views of planet below
      very close to jump entry point, if low orbit should have relatively good views, polar orbit if possible to make it more interesting
    3. On or very close to the barycentre of the system
      Very Sciency location, around 800ls from jump entry point, will be unique
    4. Orbiting the ringed gas giant at an inclined orbit so we get amazing views of the planets rings
      Will have stunning views, only one other station known to have similar views, 4,000ls from jump entry point

1. and 2. are strategically better as they are closer to jump entry, whilst 3. and 4. are in more unique and beautiful locations

The choice is yours cmdrs!

…and after you’ve voted on this – you should also vote for the name of the station too!


The results will be used to put the locations in order of preference and be passed on to FD as they may not agree/be able to put station where we’ve asked

Verity Gavroche