CFN – The Thargoid Question: Part 2 “Mapping”

CFN – The Thargoid Question: Part 2 “Mapping”

This episode focuses on the two (as of this recording) variations of the code-named “Scary Sites”.  Since the last episode Canonn have discovered more than 75 sites, and these finds have all been based on an octal cipher found in audio collected from an interaction between the Unknown Artefact, Unknown Probe and Unknown Link when in a vacuum, which must be activated by another audio file gained from a successful Scary Site activation code-named “Hive Message”.

Scary Sites share many features, they appear to be around the same size – average 4.5 to 5 km diameter – and structure composition, which means the difference between “active” and “inactive” can only be confirmed upon close inspection.  The structures have an organic composition and seem to be growing out of the ground…

More detail in the video below.

Commander Artimus Tau, CFN

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