The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Science

This guide is designed to help you find your way through the vast array of science/science resources in Elite Dangerous. It should contain all the links you need making it invaluable to both the career scientist and the freshly arrived lab intern. I’ll break down key repositories of knowledge and how you can best utilise each one. Without further ado grab your towel and hang on!

Resources on the Web

Below is a list of some of the major sources of information for science in elite

Canonn Discord

Live chat and most recent news. A good way to openly discuss ideas and coordinate. It does not work well for data storage and, depending on who is talking, depends on how worthwhile live chat is. It’s the best way to get connected with other Canonn pilots.

Canonn Science Website

You Are Here. The Canonn website houses the most up to date codex of information on the scientific mysteries of elite. It is searchable and maintained, no membership is required to read entries – so feel free to link them out to non-members.

Frontier Forums (Threadnought)

Current iteration of the canonn UA thread is called “Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 10 – The Canonn”. Due to the long name we call it the “Threadnought”. There is a wealth of information on the first page of the threadnought however it is not easily searchable and as it is in forum posts it is a bit jumbled. The forum excels for viewing/posting research findings and observations, and we actively encourage new finds and ideas to be posted there as well as on other channels.

Elite Dangerous Wiki

The wiki is useful for science from a historical perspective. From a non-science standpoint. It has a wonderful collection of elite dangerous knowledge in wiki format.

Links By Subject

Canonn Lore (start here!)

Presenting you with a history of the mysteries in Elite Dangerous along with Canonn’s place in them, plus Learning Links to information about specific subjects.


This is a searchable archive of all galnet posts. You can use both a keyword search function or ctrl + F

Generation Ships

The last entry on that page has the list of known generation ships


Info about the Guardians and the lucrative mission to gather data on them.


Info about the Barnacles found growing at certain locations.

Listening Posts

Listening Posts can be found that give clues to the locations of other items of interest.

Unknown Artefact

The mysterious object that first caught Dr Arcanonn’s interest, and lead to the formation of the Canonn.

Unknown Probe

Somewhat similar to the Uknown Artefact, this strange device emits a pulse that temporarily disables ships nearby.

Unknown Ship

This mysterious craft – shaped somewhat like a flower – was initially found in crash sites, but then was encountered ‘live’.

Unregistered Comms Beacons

Similar to Listening posts, in that they can be found and will give clues to the locations of other points of interest.

Useful Tools (courtesy of Kal)


Freeware. Great tool for recording audio. Some editing options. Some visualisation options.


The Canonn R&D Guardian ruins tool, fed from the Canonn API.


Useful for hosting just files, audio, video, whatever. Good for detail, no previews tho.


Provides information about systems, bodies, trade routes etc.


Tool tracking your Commanders Log and exploration of the universe. Has useful tools. Auto-converting screenshots makes posting files a lot easier.


Tracks your location, nice to see where you’ve been.

Game Mode

Using Windows 10? You have Game Mode. Windows key + G and you have some game capture software


Google sheets will be your new lover, spreadsheets are love, spreadsheets are life (according to many Canonn scientists)


Amazingly good for hosting general research images, not good for details, but needed for posting images to Frontier Forums.


Video/Audio capture software, also allows for streaming

-Great tool for manipulating images, supports layers. Think free Photoshop.


Got an nVidia graphics card, chances are you can use Share – game capture/streaming. Part of the GeForce Experience package.

Sonic Visualiser

Great tool for visualizations of audio data. Good audio editing options.


Amazingly good for hosting general research vids/sounds, not good for details.

Canonn Codex – Resources

Also providing links and info to Canonn R&D tools, we also provide info on other tools here.

If you get all of these not only will you be able to capture and analyse all you see later, you’ll be able to share it with the community so we can help too.