Unregistered Comms Beacons

Unregistered Comms Beacons

Unregistered Comms Beacons have been found in systems within the bubble, and in deep space. Their origin is not known for sure, but it is possible that they are deployed by the Sirius Corporation as reported in Galnet on 7 OCT 3302.


When an Unregistered Comms Beacon is present in a system, it will appear on your Navigation Panel when your ship is within 1,000 Ls of it. They have been found not just around the primary star, but secondary stars, belt clusters, and even planets and moons deeper into the system.

Explorers are suggested to regularly check their Navigation Panel when traversing a system to perform surface scans, and report any strange signal sources, including Unregistered Comms Beacons.

The signal source for the Unregistered Comms Beacon can be locked as a target to drop out of supercruise, like any other. Contrary to the Galnet article, these devices have no known defenses, and it is safe to approach them.


Each beacon transmits its message at a particular time, and repeats it at a particular interval. Many transmit hourly at a certain number of minutes past the hour, others appear to transmit on the hour, but not at hourly intervals. Further study in this area is warranted.

When the message is transmitted, your ship will receive the transmission and play it audibly within your cockpit.

The transmission will consist of a series of numbers and NATO phonetic alphabet characters. The rhythm and timing of the message is consistent and meaningful; a short pause separates each number or letter; a slightly longer pause separates groups of numbers or letters to form multi-digit numbers, or words; and a long pause serves to indicate a new line or phrase in the transmission.

For example the transmission “1..1….1….2..1……..Charlie” would be transcribed as:

11 1 21

The message may be repeated a number of times in the transmission, often four.

Here is an example of a beacon found in the Sol system:

Message Types

What to do with the message depends on the beacon, a number of different types of message have been found.

Those with a short sequence of numbers from 1 to 26 may be translated into a word by alphabet letter positions; e.g. “13 1 19 20 5 18” would be “MASTER”.

Check the Galnet feed at stations within the system for Herald articles, usually dated 25 Oct 3302, containing the words “Compromised Carrier Signal.” The article text should consist of NATO phonetic alphabet words, which can be transcribed to letters, with any numbers or dashes in the article copied as-is.

The message can then be decrypted using the code word from the beacon as a Keyed Caesar cipher key. These usually lead to a persistent signal source in the local system, or one very close by.

Those with a long sequence of numbers from 1 to 26, broken into multiple lines, may often be translated in a similar way. Take the first line as the Keyed Caesar cipher key for the remainder of the message.

Those with a long sequence of NATO phonetic alphabet words can be transcribed directly into a text message, using a longer pause between words to indicate a word break in the message, and a very long pause as a line or sentence break. The sequence may include numbers as well, which can be included in the message directly rather than being substituted for alphabet positions.

This longer message may be encoded with a Keyed Caesar cipher, it will be necessary to obtain the cipher key from another source; for example clues in Galnet Galactic News.

Other beacons, for example those involved with Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacons mystery, may not match these common patterns and will require more effort to decode.

Known Unregistered Comms Beacons

SystemBodyRelated Location / Notes
( 6 d )
Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
Ain2Taylor Keep
AthenaAB 2Edge Fraternity Unregistered Comms Beacon
Caucuma10 dCaucuma Unregistered Comms Beacon
Cochi1Cochi Unregistered Comms Beacon
Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43A 1Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
Delphi2Eagle Eye
previously known as Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55
Dr. Kay’s Heart
Dubbuennel3 a
Eafots EU-R c4-1AFormidine Rift Alpha Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Eafots GL-Y e21Formidine Rift Delta Site
Eafots LZ-H b10-0DFormidine Rift Beta Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Eafots RA-G B11-03Formidine Rift Gamma Site
Electra4Communication Hub Zeta 12
Eravate5Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
Gateway2Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
HIP 83962HIP 8396 Distress Call
HIP 8887A 1Stack
HIP 170442HIP 17044 Distress Call
HIP 17225A 5Eagle Eye
HIP 17692A 3Eagle Eye
HIP 178921 aEagle Eye
HIP 798844HIP 79884 Anomalous Signal
HR 1185A 5Eagle Eye
HR 1188A 2Carmichael Point
IburoanaBIburoana Unregistered Comms Beacon
Jitabos2Edge Fraternity Unregistered Comms Beacon
( B Belt
Cluster 1 )
Fuel Rats Checkpoint
LHS 3447B 1 aEdge Fraternity Unregistered Comms Beacon
Laklano3 aLaklano Checkpoint
Lave2Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
Lie Zhonpon3Shalatucas Civilian Broadcast
MiratejeA 6Mirateje Unregistered Comms Beacon
MorraA 2San Hsing Smugglers Cache
( 1 )
Edge Fraternity Unregistered Comms Beacon
Nommai4Nommai Convoy Beacon
NovasA 6Appeal for Toxandji Virocide
PandB 5Pand Unregistered Comms Beacon
Plaa Aec IZ-N c20-1AHawkins Gap Alpha Site
Plaa Aec RY-B B41-1AHawkins Gap Delta Site
Plaa Aec TT-B b41-3B 1Hawkins Gap Gamma Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Plaa Aec XZ-Z b41-0A 1Hawkins Gap Beta Site
Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-44Eagle Eye
Pru Aescs HW-S b31-2AConflux Beta Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192AConflux Delta Site
Pru Aescs OI-K a64-01Conflux Gamma Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Pru Aescs TY-J a64-11Conflux Alpha Site
(Duplicated UCB)
Ross 374A 3Ross 374 Unregistered Comms Beacon
(Duplicated UCB)
San Tu4 cSan Tu Scientific Installation
Sanuma1 dDebris Field
Silurion2 aSilurion Anomalous Signal
( 5 b )
Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
( 3 a )
Sol/Achenar/Gateway Numbers Beacon Mystery
Takurua3Takurua Anomalous Signal
Teegarden’s Star2Almeida Landing
Unelinte4Pirate Trader
Velli6Pirates Attacking Federation
, ,

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