Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Passes On Lab Details

Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Passes On Lab Details

Following the amazing, and exhausting, Palladium drive that occurred from March 10th to March 17th, in which an astonishing 358,744 tonnes of Palladium were delivered to Thompson Dock, and a mind-boggling 20,797,899,393cr of bounties were cashed in, Dr Arcanonn has contacted the donors, who offered to build the station, with the Canonn’s choice of name and preferred location for the new lab.

The message reads:

From: Dr Arcanonn
To: [redacted] Subject: Lab particulars

Ladies and gentlemen – once again we cannot thank you enough for the hard work and support you have shown us in this endeavour.  I’m told that your construction crews are phenomenally hard-working and that they have all been taken into the hearts of those who call Thompson Dock their home.

I’m also told that many of your people are considering making Varati their new home – we are honoured by this!

Anyway, in the past couple of days, my scientists have worked together to produce a list of preferred locations in IX-T D3-43 for the lab, as well as a list of names.  They then conducted a group-wide vote, and I can now confirm their preferred choices for both:

Name: The name ‘Canonn Institute‘, suggested by my very learned colleague CMDR Cynaqq, was our preferred choice.

Location: A scientifically significant position at the barycentre between the main star and secondary binary was chosen (see attachments).

In full recognition that the final say is down to you, I also include the list of the other names and locations in descending order of preference.  We hope you will find at least two choices on there that will be agreeable if our top choices are not.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for providing me this opportunity to get back to civilisation be with my research teams once again.

I have lots of exciting experiments and one or two expeditions planned, and this new Lab will provide the perfect setting to continue my work on these!

Dr Arcanonn

The message includes some beauty shots of the preferred locations, and a list of the top ten names voted for by the Canonn Science team.

I’m not republishing them here, purely to avoid embarrassing the donors.  Canonn scientists can see the full poll results for the name here, and for the location here.

The council now awaits a response to find out the exact name and location that will be given to the lab, as well as an indication of when construction is likely to be completed, and the lab put in place.

Verity Gavroche